Web Design and Development

What makes a great website?

What a pain! You are searching a website endlessly trying to look for the information you need. Does that make a great website? No. As far as we’re concerned, that is the problem with a lot of websites. We are sure you agree. You have come across them before, and probably clicked straight off again.

Making sure a website is simple and easy to follow is just as important as making sure the site looks great. The last thing you want to do is annoy your target audience by making them look for what they need. It should be right there in front of them when they look for it.

At ThirtyEast, we design your website with the user’s intentions at heart. This means your website will not only be appealing, but it will be easy to navigate.

It is important for a great website to be both up-to-date and future proof. We ensure this by keeping up to date with the industry’s standards and change the way work to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of new developments.

All websites created by ThirtyEast are coded to the latest standards and we do everything by hand, not with clumsy generators which can make your website slow and unresponsive because of the sheer amount of unnecessary code they add. You would be surprised how many so called ‘web developers’ use these to make a quick quid but they always go awry down the line and usually require more money to fix them or get them coded properly (which we like to call ‘how it should be coded in the first place’).

Converting your clicks to profits

Marketing standards says you’re more likely to lose a sale if your target audience has to click more than 3 times before that purchase is complete. This is, and always has been, widely accepted by online marketing gurus’.

We aim to ensure that your audience have found all the information they need within those three clicks, to make sure that your target audience stay on your site, like your site and come back to your site.

Why we don’t use templates

Many companies out there simply modify a pre-made website and then take your money.

Why? Because it’s quick and easy for them.

Well, not us.

We don’t believe in templates. Why pay for a website that isn’t unique to you?

We take all the knowledge and industry standards that are proven to work time and again and put them into developing your website to make sure that you can be truly proud of it and by helping you to stand out.

Engaging with your target audience

Your website needs to appeal to your target audience. If it doesn’t, how is it going to succeed?

Have you ever clicked onto a website and then immediately clicked off? We thought so.

This is what we call ‘bouncing’. It’s important to try and keep a website’s bounce rate to a minimum and to do that you need an engaging website.

A website can only become engaging if your audience’s needs are met. That’s why we take time to understand these needs and meet them in a way that’s suitable for you and your site.

If these needs aren’t being met, we have statistics tracking systems in place to tell us.

Complex ideas require complex solutions

Want something a little more complex than just a good looking website? Well, that is no trouble for us.

We are also involved in cutting edge development. What do we mean by development?

Well, typically we refer the 'design' of a website to how it looks. When we say 'development', we are referring to complex functionality.

For example, this could be an online shop (e-commerce) or a site with a booking system.

From simple single page websites right through to bespoke complex systems that can improve your daily operations such as customer relationship web applications, we can help.

How do we make it easy?

We take the pressure away from you so that you can continue with your core business.

Once we have spoken with you to understand your business we go away and do our research. This can consist of finding out about your industry, researching your audience, even conducting anonymous surveys with focus groups and importantly seeing what your competitors are up to.

We take that research and put that into a design for you, with your target audience in mind. Once agreed with you, we then code that up, by hand, with no clumsy generators to bloat your code and slow your site down.

What you get is a website that you can be proud of.

When the website is up, can I change bits if I am not happy with it?

We think you will be over the moon with your website, but of course sometimes you want to change a phrase here, or an image there. No problem. In the first week after your website goes live, you can make as many or as few minor amendments as you want. We will not charge you for any time. The only thing you may pay for is further licences for pictures if we have to buy them in, but then that is only fair as you will have approved the final site on launch.

After that, we can agree a maintenance program if you want, which is quite popular, or you can make changes ad hoc with no formal maintenance plan. It is up to you and we will give you all the information you need so that you can decide the best course of action for you.

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