Domain Registration

What is it?

When you have a website you need a domain name which points to your website. Think of it as a signpost to where your website lives.

Often, you will need more than one. Why? To protect your brand. For instance, let’s say you buy ‘’. You have a great website, and your customers love it. Your competitor is mygreenshinyproduct limited and they also have a website ‘’ which did great until you came along and now they are loosing all their business to your new website.

If ‘’ is all you registered, there is nothing to stop them buying ‘’ and fool people into finding their website instead of yours.

Sound far fetched? It happens... alot.

You could even do it to your competitors if you really wanted.

Where to buy from?

You can register your domain in lots of places around the net. Just click here for a list for example.

If you have already purchased one, then you can point it to our hosting space. Job done. If not, you can buy from one of those in the list, or buy from us and keep it all in one place.

Do be careful though. Buy a cheap domain and they have to make the money back somehow, usually by auto renewal at a much higher price.

When you buy hosting from us, we include a single domain name, so you don’t have to worry about losing your domain, because as long as we host your website, your domain will always be there to point to it.

If you do want to buy other domains to protect your brand, you will find us very consistent and very affordable, year on year.

Why buy from us?

Well, there are several advantages to buying a domain from us.

  1. We are competitive. In fact, our prices haven’t changed in years!
  2. We administrate the domain. You do not need to type anything anywhere, or do any technical stuff pointing it to our servers.
  3. We make sure it gets renewed on time each time so that you do not lose it.
  4. You can ignore all the scams for renewal. If it doesn’t come from us, it is not real!

Domain Registration Scams...


Yes. There are many unscrupulous people out there just wanting to relieve you of your money and your rights to a domain name.

Why would they want your domain name? So that you have to buy it back of course and part with even more money.

These companies check for the renewal date on domain names (its all publically available information) and then they write to the administrative contact for the domain telling you that your renewal is due. You sign the form, send the cheque and before you know it, you have transferred the domain to someone else.

Trading Standards know all about these people, but because they operate from virtual addresses, catching them isn’t quite so easy.

Because we are listed as the administrative contacts on your domain, we shred these renewal notices when they hit our postbox, leaving your domain intact, for you.

Whilst our details appear as domain owner, any time you want the domain transferred out, well then we are happy to do so.